Candy Crush Friends Saga, the latest game from the popular King franchise, is now available. The new Candy Crush comes of course with new levels, new game modes and for the first time 3D animated characters that will propose challenges, help to pass levels and have their own animations and stories.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is now available for free download on Android and iOS as expected. It arrives with 380 new levels and the mechanics is the same as always, from collecting sweets to get points and passing through screens. But this time the graphics have been improved considerably, always within the margins allowed by the classic style of Candy Crush.

A more modern Candy Crush with characters and their respective stories

We have characters in three dimensions and a world where more current graphics have also been incorporated. A small change that is appreciated and allows Candy Crush to provide a more modern and current, according to the popularity of the game.

These new allies will have a fundamental role in the game, since on the basis of their powers they will offer us special candies and powers to be able to unlock in an easier way the screens.

King offers us daily rewards and new personalized characters that will receive new powers. In addition, the goal is to strengthen the story mode by giving each character a background, their personality and their own dance moves.

5 new game modes

New game modes include the following:

  • Release the Octopus: Match close to them by removing the nearby layers until they are released.
  • Find the Animals: Hide beneath the frozen blocks by making a match on top of them to break the ice.
  • Spread the jam: Spread the jam all over the board covering the more blocks the better.
  • Submerge the Cookie: Change and combine the candies to move the cookies until they are submerged in the chocolate at the bottom of the board.
  • Collect the Hearts: Fill the heart-shaped molds and pick them up.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is available for free, although there are certain candies and items that cost real money. Meanwhile, at the connectivity level you can play both online and offline.