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From 2000 onwards, great feats in a short time

One of the problems with emulating modern consoles is that it is not simple. The more complex an architecture, the more difficult it is to implement it on a platform other than the original. However, emulator developers have accomplished real feats.

Not only platforms that were already very hackneyed on PCs, like GameBoy Advance and GBA.Emu as representative on Android. But also other somewhat more modern consoles with Nintendo DS with nds4droid, which works more or less to average, or the brother of payment but more polished: DraSTic DS Emulator.

Nintendo 64 also took a bit of time at the beginning but from now on we can enjoy Super Mario 64, Blast Corps and Super Smash Bros. with Super N64. PlayStation? It also ended up in Android, with PS-XPlay and FPse which, despite being paid for, offers a very stable emulation.

Future projects? Make platforms like PSP work, which already has an emulator port for PC: PPSSPP. It is still a little green and its compatibility is limited but it is progressing slowly and surely.

Emulating computer games? The classics are here

Although I admit that I grew up playing video games in the nineties, I can’t omit the more classic computer titles. The older ones, which I’ve often had to emulate in order to try to enjoy them.

aDosBox is a great start to load a lot of games, the problem is that it is not a simple emulator like the rest. We have to load everything through a virtual version of the Console Two. However, learning how to do it is very worthwhile.

MSX and its games are available with MSX.Emu, also Atari ST with SToid, Amiga 500 with U43Droid does not miss the party with games like Turrican. Amstrad also has emulator and, of course, Commodore with Frodo C64 and ZX Spectrum with Marvin. The main platforms are covered.

Playing with Android emulators, what do we need?

Throughout the post we talked about a lot of emulators. As we well know, the hardware from one device to another can vary a lot and there the differences are noted when checking if the applications are not only compatible but if they can also load the games.

The good news is that we won’t need a leading terminal to run games. Any dual-core processor should be more than enough. In fact, I use Ouya to emulate in Android and use a Tegra 3, a processor that in a few months will be a couple of years old.

Except exceptions, such as PSP, are not particularly demanding applications with technical specifications, although expect that if you use your battery generously, like normal Android games.

So far so good: many games and options to emulate, no need for demanding hardware. You may be wondering, there has to be a problem somewhere. There is: virtual controls.

There’s nothing like playing with a controller, and although there are modern games that have been able to create highly polished touch interfaces, the transition from the physical complement to the touch screen has been disastrous.

Some people say it’s comfortable, I can’t help but trust their opinions, but no matter how hard I’ve tried, I can’t even achieve the same level of precision I have with a physical controller. It’s true that in some games, such as role-playing, you don’t need to have so much control, but on a platform it’s impossible.

Fortunately, there are solutions of all kinds: from tablets with keyboards to wireless controllers that work with our console. Without forgetting, of course, to take the video signal through HDMI to a television and mount a console with our mobile or tablet.

Here, in my opinion, the kings are the Android lounge consoles. In fact, Ouya is perfect for this task. In fact, it’s the only use it has useful since the games catalog it has is pretty poor and doesn’t offer anything really special. But to emulate is great.

To summarize, Android is a perfect platform to emulate all kinds of consoles. The problem is that the virtual control does not accompany one of the sweetest moments that has lived this world. So many platforms in a single device, which is also mobile, and we can take with us to all sites.

The nineties, an almost perfect emulation

If there is one thing that the emulation scene can boast of, in a global way, it is that it has dominated almost from beginning to end all the systems that were launched in the nineties. Not only have they achieved it, but they have bordered on perfection, although the most putrid will always say they haven’t, and I’m not referring to the type of screen. We all remember the classic CRT interlacing, don’t we?

We started with two great classics like Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo. Two illustrious platforms that in the nineties starred in what, in my opinion, has been the most beautiful battle between consoles.

Do we want to enjoy Sonic, Street of Rage or Shining Force? Try Roberto Broglia’s MD.Emu. For Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger or Final Fight, SNES9x EX+ from the Italian developer is also a good option, although Super GNES is also highly recommended. I intercalate the two in Ouya according to the game.

The laptops also escaped the claws of the developers and GBC.Emu allows us to play the entire catalog of Game Boy and its sister in color. Game Gear? Also, MasterGear or DroidGear will make us enjoy jewelry like that version of Sonic The Hedgehog that came for Master System and this laptop Sega.

The NES, with its Super Mario Bros. or lesser known games like River City Ransom has a good ration of Android emulators like, for example, NES.Emu or Nostalgia.NES. PCE (PC Engine for friends) was not very popular in Spain but only for discovering games like Bonk’s Adventure it is worth giving it a try.

Neo Geo was a console with a slightly more disputed acceptance. While it’s true that the desktop version didn’t sell in excess, it was worth a kidney, many of us have enjoyed its catalog of games based on five-hard coins in the arcades.

Do you want to relive those games to King of Fighter, Wind Jammers or Soccer Brawl? Neo.EMU allows us to play, BIOS installed before, all of them. We also have the legal alternative of SNK: the Metal Slug and company are there legally if we want a simpler option.

Talking about tossing coins into machines? Surely you remember Snow Bros, Tumble Pop, Sunset Riders, Cadillac and Dinosarous and a lot of other arcade games. Are they on Android? Indeed, MAME4droid is our emulator, although its configuration (like the rest of MAME emulators) can be a bit tedious at first.

Speaking of the nineties we could not forget a genre that, unfortunately, has been falling into oblivion except for a few occasional flashes: adventure graphics. The emulator par excellence is ScummVM and although the performance level is perfect, the integration of the controls is a little hard at first.

Android console emulators, reviving the most nostalgic classics in our mobiles and tablets.

Today in Xataka have made a very special report on retrogaming and we did not want to miss the opportunity to on this subject. Why? It’s obvious: emulation and old games are very present in Android.

Either through emulators, or remakes made by some companies like DotEmu, there are many ways to relive those games we grew up with. That’s why today we talk about Android emulation in depth.

Android and emulators, born to be understood

When Android began to lavish itself on the developers, it seemed obvious that the emulators would end up coming to them. It’s easy, they’re usually open source and if there’s one thing creators of these applications like, it’s showing that their creature can run on a toaster.

Not literally, of course, but it’s true that emulation has reached all kinds of gadgets. Many times as one more application, other times as a proof of concept or, speaking in silver, to what there are no eggs to make it work. In addition, it is an environment that has always been closely linked to free software.

From the first steps of Android until today, Google’s operating system has evolved a lot, and with it a plethora of devices that has also become larger in quantity but also in type. There is no need to go into more detail at this point, there is more life away from smartphones and tablets.

Over time, emulators have grown in number and today a lot of consoles and systems can be reproduced quite effectively on Android devices, so talk about them today in depth we will get time. The list is long and there are many options.

Whenever we talk about emulators, it is complicated not to avoid such a thorny issue as are the legal implications. By using the applications themselves does not pose a problem: another issue are the games and some bios of the systems. This is already the responsibility of each of us. With this brief introduction, let’s move on to emulators.

Cut the Rope 2 for Android now available

We can now enjoy in our Android devices the new delivery of Cut the Rope after being released just over three months ago exclusively for iOS. Zepto Lab has finally released Cut the Rope 2 on Google Play, the direct sequel to the first game that joins the spin-off Experiments and Time Travel.

In Cut the Rope 2, the green monster Om Nom escapes from his box in search of the candies stolen by the spiders of the first game. You’ll have to travel through forests, cities, garbage dumps and underground tunnels to recover all your candies, but you won’t be alone in this unexpected adventure, you’ll have the help of the Nommies.

This sequel preserves the essence of the previous deliveries but comes full of novelties that make it different. The first novelty is that the protagonist Om Nom is no longer fixed in a position where we have to give him the candy for each level, but now he can move around the stage. A change in the gameplay that increases the difficulty of the game.

The second important novelty are the new helpers Nommies, which will help us move Om Nom and objects around the stage to help us get the candy and the three stars of each level. The five new characters are as follows:

  • Roto can carry Om Nom to the best points to catch candy.
  • Lick can use his tongue to build small bridges that help Om Nom reach his goal.
  • Blue can take Om Nom to new levels of candy search.
  • Toss can throw objects, including candy.
  • Boo can scare Om Nom and make him jump higher.

Cut the Rope 2 also features new graphics, sounds, and game play elements never before seen in this saga. This new puzzle and skill game currently offers 120 levels full of candy and ropes to cut, and missions to overcome. In future updates will add new levels as they have been doing in previous installments.

Cut the Rope 2 for Android currently has a free Free-to-play version with optional micro payments to buy energy and items such as hats, candy, clues or other special items that will help us pass those levels in which we have got stuck. It is not known if they will sell the paid version without advertisements.

Mimitos Meow Meow comes to Android to make us take care of this cuddly cat

Virtual pets are a genre that work perfectly with mobiles and tablets because we always carry them and do not ask for too much power. That’s why the publishing house Ediciones Babylon has decided to bet on a game with one of its pets, the cat Mimitos, created by the cartoonist Henar Torinos.

In the game Mimitos Meow Meow we will take care of this particular cat with bad temper but equally adorable. Mimitos will have the basic needs of any pet, such as feeding him in a balanced way between healthy food and sweets, keeping him neat and resting well so as not to get his temper.

Not only will we have to be aware of what he tells us, but we can try several minigames to get coins to buy food, clothing and furniture. In addition we will be able to add our friends for the cats to play together and thus get some extra prizes.

The game is free, but we will be able to buy with real money some bells that will give us the option to obtain some clothes and exclusive furniture. Even so you can play perfectly without having to make any payment, but this option is never too much for the more vain.

Mimitos Meow! Meow!
Version 1.4

  • Android version: from 2.1
  • Developer: Babylon Editions
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Category: Games

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