We can now enjoy in our Android devices the new delivery of Cut the Rope after being released just over three months ago exclusively for iOS. Zepto Lab has finally released Cut the Rope 2 on Google Play, the direct sequel to the first game that joins the spin-off Experiments and Time Travel.

In Cut the Rope 2, the green monster Om Nom escapes from his box in search of the candies stolen by the spiders of the first game. You’ll have to travel through forests, cities, garbage dumps and underground tunnels to recover all your candies, but you won’t be alone in this unexpected adventure, you’ll have the help of the Nommies.

This sequel preserves the essence of the previous deliveries but comes full of novelties that make it different. The first novelty is that the protagonist Om Nom is no longer fixed in a position where we have to give him the candy for each level, but now he can move around the stage. A change in the gameplay that increases the difficulty of the game.

The second important novelty are the new helpers Nommies, which will help us move Om Nom and objects around the stage to help us get the candy and the three stars of each level. The five new characters are as follows:

  • Roto can carry Om Nom to the best points to catch candy.
  • Lick can use his tongue to build small bridges that help Om Nom reach his goal.
  • Blue can take Om Nom to new levels of candy search.
  • Toss can throw objects, including candy.
  • Boo can scare Om Nom and make him jump higher.

Cut the Rope 2 also features new graphics, sounds, and game play elements never before seen in this saga. This new puzzle and skill game currently offers 120 levels full of candy and ropes to cut, and missions to overcome. In future updates will add new levels as they have been doing in previous installments.

Cut the Rope 2 for Android currently has a free Free-to-play version with optional micro payments to buy energy and items such as hats, candy, clues or other special items that will help us pass those levels in which we have got stuck. It is not known if they will sell the paid version without advertisements.