If there is one thing that the emulation scene can boast of, in a global way, it is that it has dominated almost from beginning to end all the systems that were launched in the nineties. Not only have they achieved it, but they have bordered on perfection, although the most putrid will always say they haven’t, and I’m not referring to the type of screen. We all remember the classic CRT interlacing, don’t we?

We started with two great classics like Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo. Two illustrious platforms that in the nineties starred in what, in my opinion, has been the most beautiful battle between consoles.

Do we want to enjoy Sonic, Street of Rage or Shining Force? Try Roberto Broglia’s MD.Emu. For Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger or Final Fight, SNES9x EX+ from the Italian developer is also a good option, although Super GNES is also highly recommended. I intercalate the two in Ouya according to the game.

The laptops also escaped the claws of the developers and GBC.Emu allows us to play the entire catalog of Game Boy and its sister in color. Game Gear? Also, MasterGear or DroidGear will make us enjoy jewelry like that version of Sonic The Hedgehog that came for Master System and this laptop Sega.

The NES, with its Super Mario Bros. or lesser known games like River City Ransom has a good ration of Android emulators like, for example, NES.Emu or Nostalgia.NES. PCE (PC Engine for friends) was not very popular in Spain but only for discovering games like Bonk’s Adventure it is worth giving it a try.

Neo Geo was a console with a slightly more disputed acceptance. While it’s true that the desktop version didn’t sell in excess, it was worth a kidney, many of us have enjoyed its catalog of games based on five-hard coins in the arcades.

Do you want to relive those games to King of Fighter, Wind Jammers or Soccer Brawl? Neo.EMU allows us to play, BIOS installed before, all of them. We also have the legal alternative of SNK: the Metal Slug and company are there legally if we want a simpler option.

Talking about tossing coins into machines? Surely you remember Snow Bros, Tumble Pop, Sunset Riders, Cadillac and Dinosarous and a lot of other arcade games. Are they on Android? Indeed, MAME4droid is our emulator, although its configuration (like the rest of MAME emulators) can be a bit tedious at first.

Speaking of the nineties we could not forget a genre that, unfortunately, has been falling into oblivion except for a few occasional flashes: adventure graphics. The emulator par excellence is ScummVM and although the performance level is perfect, the integration of the controls is a little hard at first.